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87. death stares from cosi employees

what part of “hi, how are you?” and “may i please have a sandwich? here, i have some money” warrants a fucking attitude from every fucking employee at every fucking cosi i’ve ever been to?

i’ve taken the liberty of editing their hourly employee application — let me know if i missed anything:

suggestions for changing the cosi employment application

see detail:

are you physically capable of shooting death lasers out of your eyes?


76. drinking cold water after chewing minty gum

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_woman_with_gumsweet baby jesus, it burns! i’m looking at you, orbit and altoids.

interesting explanation here, though it’s on yahoo answers, so take that for what it’s worth.

saturday cease-fire #5: the return of BBQ

lthis is magic. welcome back, salad days. and drinks-the-size-of-my-face days. (i’m only being slightly hyperbolic.)

p.s. — nothing says “original” like putting quotation marks around “original” in your neon sign.

27. long island

long island iced teayou know why they invented the long island iced tea? so that people could stand to be here.

15. burning your tongue

6a00e54fa6de9d883401053693f073970c-800wi1the price of soup, delicious soup.

7. cooking smells

woman-cookingwho doesn’t love a little eau du panfried fish?

3. soy milk

soymilk“you can’t milk a bean. it has no nipples.” -my friend mike