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saturday cease-fire #12: fat dogs in costumes


i realize that this  probably qualifies as animal abuse, but it’s SO G.D. CUTE.


saturday cease-fire #11: the kitten covers

album covers with kittens

i ❤ david meowie.

saturday cease-fire #7: cool old ladies

isn’t this lady awesome? i can only hope to be as stylish as she is when i get old (or hell, right now).

only difference is that my dog will own her poodle. trufax.

saturday cease-fire #6: puppies

cute_puppyyou want teh cute? you can’t handle teh cute!

image via cute puppies pictures

saturday cease-fire #5: the return of BBQ

lthis is magic. welcome back, salad days. and drinks-the-size-of-my-face days. (i’m only being slightly hyperbolic.)

p.s. — nothing says “original” like putting quotation marks around “original” in your neon sign.

saturday cease-fire #4: cupcake bird

65805663…just makes me chortle when i see it.

saturday cease-fire #3: horses wearing weaves