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89. cancer

unicorn shoots lasers out of its nose to kill cancer

what a bitch.


75. fur vests

printed-fox-fur-intermixrachel zoe, we need to have a talk.

every time i see you wearing a fur vest or talking about how they’re “bananas,” or that they make you “die,” all i can think if is mr. burns singing the seminal simpsons classic, see my vest.

while i’m sure a baboon’s chest vest would be bananas, i don’t think this is quite what you had in mind.

i’m glad we had this talk.

saturday cease-fire #7: cool old ladies

isn’t this lady awesome? i can only hope to be as stylish as she is when i get old (or hell, right now).

only difference is that my dog will own her poodle. trufax.

44. little dogs

dorthy-totothey’re yippy, the size of rats, and for some reason, seem to me to be greasier than most larger dogs.

if you can fit it in a handbag, it ain’t a dog. 

i’ll get you, my pretty, but i’m cool without the dog. thanks, though.

saturday cease-fire #6: puppies

cute_puppyyou want teh cute? you can’t handle teh cute!

image via cute puppies pictures

saturday cease-fire #4: cupcake bird

65805663…just makes me chortle when i see it.

saturday cease-fire #3: horses wearing weaves