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89. cancer

unicorn shoots lasers out of its nose to kill cancer

what a bitch.


77. weeknight drinking

funny-pictures-hangover-cat-cardboard-paper-rollsow. my head.

there’s something wonderful about plowing through a bottle of wine with a friend and chatting for three hours, but the only wonder i have this morning is why i thought that that was a good idea on a wednesday night.

62. commuting

commute_closei moved last week. to a super awesome location, as a matter of fact. the downside? i still work in nyc’s septic tank. and i currently travel 4 hours and 10 minutes a day to make it happen.

what could i do with an extra four hours a day, you ask?

  1. actually sleep 7+ hours a night
  2. exercise (oh, how vital that was to me but a year ago)
  3. take classes on something (singing! piano! italian! whatever!)
  4. socialize
  5. read (reading on the train nauseates me)
  7. cook beautiful meals
  8. watch david cook slightly less beautiful but still delicious meals
  9. take long walks
  10. hang out in the park (which is half a block away)
  11. sing 5x more karaoke
  12. research dog training so we can actually get a dog in the coming months (squee!)
  13. actually be around when we get a dog in the coming months
  14. make something for my etsy store on a daily basis
  15. not cry when i get home, because i’m so tired.

if there were ever a time i wish i could just up-and-quit, this would be it. what would you do with 4 extra hours in your day?

58. chairs without lumbar support

shake-folding-chair-alu-blanothing says “support” like a big swath of nothing behind your lower back.

54. minocycline

MinocyclineHydro_pillsi started taking minocycline about a month ago for my persistent case of pizza face, and hoooo boy. just started developing a headache, dizziness,and am having a hard time focusing. mister antibiotic, i’m afraid that our love just cannot be.

51. being told to eat a sandwich

296449693_82dfc2edc7_oi’m tall and skinny. it’s 3 parts genetics, 1 part a whole lot of ballet when i was in my teens, 1 part sorta-decent diet and 1 part getting to the gym when i can (which right now is about once a week, if we’re going to stop being polite and start getting real, here). so why, jesus/god/universe, why must i be told to eat a sandwich on a weekly basis?

i eat food! sandwiches are awesome! and i’m not even talking invisible ones! bring on the meat! i’m just a bony genetic freak. other women, especially, seem to have a really hard time believing this. and like to comment on my weight, when really, it’s a wholly inappropriate thing to do.

world, it’s true: just because you’re bony, it doesn’t make you an anorexic making excuses. just sayin’.

2. migraines

migrainesit’s like a hangover, but without the fun part.