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88. people who text you pointless one word replies

i hate short text messages

that smiley face just cost me $0.20, asshat.


83. veiled insults

things you shouldn't say when asking people for money

homeless dude to every woman on the A train, as he was trying to wrangle some change out of us:

“you’re so pretty. don’t mess it up. be nice.”

82. people who sit in cowboy stance in cramped quarters on the train

people who sit with their legs wide apart on the subway (aka man sitting) drive me crazy

i wanted to sit down, but thanks for the maneltoe show instead.

74. people who poke you to get your attention

the_pokei probably didn’t want to talk to you before you poked me, but i sure as hell don’t now.

73. going against your values

personal-valuesi’m really quite a nice lady (not that you can tell from this blog). i like being nice to people; it makes them feel good, it makes me feel good. it makes flowers bloom, babies laugh and angel choirs sing. or something. in reality, it probably just prevents overtly expressed attitude from most, with the glaring yet unavoidable exception of NYC drugstore clerks.

i was put in a situation recently that has since forced me to be a raging bitch to a particular group of people on a daily basis, and it does not feel great. my hippie montessori upbringing wants to know: can’t we all just get along?

the upside of it all is that i’ve made some realizations about my personal values and what i want out of life (to work part time and work out the other part of the time), which i don’t spend a ton of time thinking about, because i’m a godless heathen. so there’s that.

69. email critiques

PRZ-007376i take criticism at work very seriously.

if there’s a problem, yo, i’ll solve it.

but i swear to god, if i get one more phone call that starts, “why did/didn’t you say x to the client?” when i just spoke to you about what i was going to write to the client, i am going to have a motherfucking conniption. if you want me to say something specific, tell me, or write it yourself. or leave me alone to do my work like a capable adult who earned a degree from a respectable university.

photo of vanilla ice from back in the day, because he reminds me that someone in the world always has it worse than you do.

(nice pants.)

67. when people don’t empty lint traps


neglecting to do this boggles the mind. maybe it’s because i was trained as a child to clean the lint traps with every load, but honestly, there’s something so satisfying about playing with the fuzz reduced from your clothing. and ooh, it comes in colors! but do i want to do this twice for every dry cycle i do? no, thank you. y’all need to clean up after yourselves.