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89. cancer

unicorn shoots lasers out of its nose to kill cancer

what a bitch.


77. weeknight drinking

funny-pictures-hangover-cat-cardboard-paper-rollsow. my head.

there’s something wonderful about plowing through a bottle of wine with a friend and chatting for three hours, but the only wonder i have this morning is why i thought that that was a good idea on a wednesday night.

54. minocycline

MinocyclineHydro_pillsi started taking minocycline about a month ago for my persistent case of pizza face, and hoooo boy. just started developing a headache, dizziness,and am having a hard time focusing. mister antibiotic, i’m afraid that our love just cannot be.

24. that guy on leno who made his eyeballs pop out

THANKS FOR MAKING ME ALMOST YAK INTO MY COFFEE THIS MORNING, YOU DOUCHEBAG. picture omitted on purpose. go here to look, if you must.

14. smoking

smoking-baby-in-paris1more specifically, smoking in the workplace when you’re repeatedly asked to stop. what part of “i can’t breathe, please stop forever” translates into “please stop for the next two weeks, and then resume as usual”?

4. being sick on your birthday

funny-pictures-sick-cat-drinks-soda2 it fucking sucks.